• A bike ride through the emptiness of Vondelpark on a stormy day
  • A stiff breeze sweeping sleet and rain in my face
  • The cold sting cooling my brain
  • A sore burn reminding my hamstrings of a killer workout
  • A stork gracefully stepping through the grass
  • Spring blossom unperturbed by the night’s frost
  • Being grounded by the heavenly needles of my acupuncturist and dear friend Sandra
  • Light fooling the eye into believing the lucent snowdrop is white
  • The fluffy tail of a dog waving defiant and high
  • Eating a bar of Hands Off Double Dark chocolate because I got wet twice
  • Having a drink with my pal Laura
  • The prospect of introducing one-year-old Tommy to Chagall
  • Working the line edits of my middle grade adventure novel
  • The art on my desk
  • Listening for the quietest sound (the patter of raindrops on the ledge)
  • Knowing that the book birth of Boreas en de duizend eilanden is only a month and a half away


What makes you happy?


IMG_2591 (1).jpg

Art on my desk