My previous post – Dark Musings – turned out to be a tad unsettling for a few readers. Let me take the edge off: it’s about my protagonist. Not about me. Even if I have a penchant for the dark.

I do will myself to skate very close to the memories of my time in the abyss that is so euphemistically named depression. I force that upon myself to make sure that the emotions in my new YA novel ring true to the reader. It’s a hard topic that I touch upon in this story and it needs to come from the heart.

My heart.

I can do that because, as a former hockey goalie, I know how to take a blow. When those memories and life throw me curve balls, I don’t dodge. I stand up and block the shot, knowing that the protection I have build up around me will keep me safe. Knowing that my core is solid and the shutout is mine.


To counterbalance this writing darkness, I surround myself with good things. My family, my friends, my muse. Art. Traveling. Writing middle grade adventures about sailing.

All that brings me sunshine in the dark.


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