My latest Dutch books Boreas en de zeven zeeën / Boreas and the Seven Seas (2015), Boreas en de duizend eilanden / Boreas and the Thousand Islands (2016), and Boreas en de vier windstreken / Boreas and the Four Winds (2017) are the first three books of an action-packed middle grade series about twelve-year-old Boreas, who circumnavigates the world with his parents on a sailboat. A breathtaking, bloodcurdling series for all adventurers – whether they can sail or not!

The fourth book of the series, Boreas en de vijftien vrienden / Boreas and the Fifteen Friends) hit the shelves in September 2018.

Boreas en de zeven zeeën / Boreas and the Seven Seas was chosen core title for the 2019 Dutch National Children’s Book Week. The CPNB Foundation, which organizes the Children’s Book Week since 1954, will develop a lesson plan with the core title books and offer it with a book packet to all elementary schools in The Netherlands. A huge honor for a wonderful and exciting book!

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