Not much brain space for anything else while doing the line edits for the second book in the Boreas series. Boreas en de duizend eilanden (Boreas and the Thousand Islands) is scheduled to come out mid-April and I am really excited about that. Working hard now to have the manuscript back on my editor’s desk by Monday morning. I’m good with deadlines, they spur me on and keep me away from procrastination. And my editor Marlous is the coolest in the world. I love shaping and polishing my books with her.


Rereading the manuscript brings back many memories of good times on the water, too. Sailing, snorkeling, and in general just hanging out with people who also love the water. Like my super cool friend Kirsten Carlson, amazing artist, author and marine biologist.

We met during my latest ‘water’ trip and I came back home with a million cool ideas to work into the next Boreas book, but also with renewed energy about this whole writing business that can sometimes bog you down, as if you’re plodding through quicksand rather than crystal clear waters. A trip to a sandbar with Kirsten is the perfect remedy.


Check out Kirsten’s gorgeous art and writing on her website or follow her on Twitter and let her imagination inspire you to write and draw!


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