Kinderboekenweek-TIPTo celebrate my birthday (and because the book is flying out the stores!), my wonderful editor at Ploegsma Children’s Books just let me know they started the next print run for Boreas en de zeven zeeën. So… YAY, birthday!


I have also received a copy of the lesson plans that CPNB, the foundation for collective promotion of the Dutch book and organizer of the Dutch Children’s Book Week since 1954, had stellar educators make to support teachers of every elementary school in the Netherlands. Super exciting and I have designed my school visits with these plans in mind, so they seamlessly add to the wonderful work of teachers and their endeavors to promote reading and children’s books in their classrooms. Requests for school visits are coming in quickly, so that’s a good thing, too!


Here’s a video by the public library of Zaanstad (in Dutch) on why everyone should read Boreas en de zeven zeeën


Boreas 4 omslagen vierkant