Writer friends! All friends! I am still glowing from the Bay Area Book Festival, which was a great success in no small part thanks to the brave young women of Cinnamongirl Inc.



Laura Atkins, Brayona Travis, Innosanto Nagara

I approached Cinnamongirl Inc. to find youth moderators for my middle grade and young adult sessions. And I got them! I am so honored to have met Renée Richard and these exceptional girls. I am in awe of what they did, stepping out of their comfort zone and onto the stage, rocking at interviewing accomplished authors. And I’m in awe of how Renée guides the girls to a future brimming with opportunities and possibilities.


Now, Cinnamongirl Inc. is kicking off their Write Your Story program. I am reaching out to you, my friends in the publishing industry, to support and add value to this amazing and inspiring organization. 


What is Write Your Story?

How many books, films, tv shows, news stories were written by black women last year? The year before that?

How many stories featured a black woman as the protagonist?

Cinnamongirl Inc. contributes to the national narrative by focusing, in particular, on emerging black women writers. In so doing, Cinnamongirl Inc also supports the development of all writers of color.

Cinnamongirl Inc. believes, I believe with them, that honing the development of writers will accelerate the inclusion and equity of black women’s lives and stories in every aspect of society.

To accomplish that, Cinnamongirl Inc. provides:

  • Instruction illuminating basic storytelling elements
  • Mini mastery lessons
  • Inspirational quotes and guidance
  • Writing prompts for journal writing and story starters
  • Recommended reading
  • Resources for continued development
  • A supportive community for writers of all levels

The writers create:

  • Monthly submissions between 500-1,500 words
  • Final submission of a 1,500-word story in one of the supported genres by June
  • A submission ready for another writing contest publication

Help me spread the word! Help these girls destined for greatness!