green-eyed monsters visit me

smack me left and right

warp my vision

fry my brain in cold-fusioned passion

i try to communicate through the wicked tubes

that connect you and me

i shut my eyes for the devils that are out on the bay today

no sailing for me

no water

no wind

no people

my muse calls in and whips me into writing

forces me to finish this wretched piece of fiction

then slips away like a pipe dream

i end a story that consumes my heart

that sears the rims of my darkened soul

my mind tries to protect


scours the net for snippets of sweetness and love

finds none

i cry for characters that die

my hands slick with blood dripping from their broken skins

i crave the muse’s resurrection

hunger for his twists to bring them back to life

and i wonder how it would be

if i could numb the pain like in years gone by

like sunshine who drowns the evil inside

the girl who steals my life

but may not live it till the end



Lucky devils – San Diego Bay