That’s an interesting one: Toot Your Horn. At the Daily Post they figure that most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, but not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself, is today’s prompt.

Tooting my horn? That sounds a lot like the final assignment before graduation, early next month, when my colleagues and I can proudly state that we are accredited creative writing teachers. The assignment? Pitch yourself in no more than 100 words to let future clients know what you have to offer. So here it is…

The Discovery of the Writer

Students come to me with a writer’s dream. Hesitantly, because who dares to claim he is talented enough? I show them that craftsmanship and a smart set of tools grow talent. By reading, writing and talking literature we nose out how stories gain power. I let them find out how to avoid the pits of perspective, how to mend plot holes. I let them experience what structure and style do with text.
As writer, an editor, a tutor and mentor creative writing I let them discover that the dream to be a writer does not have to stay a dream.

New writing workshops in Amsterdam start in September. Writers looking for a mentor to guide them to those longed-for final words — THE END! — are most welcome to leave me a message.