A short post this time. Just to let you all know that in a couple of hours I will be on my way to New York, to the Winter Conference of the SCBWI. Main objectives? Meeting with my friends from all over the world, expanding my network, and learn a thing or two about the craft of writing.

I’ll be at the Marketing Intensive on Friday, where I hope to find out more on how we writers can market our books and find our readers. One of the speakers is Susan Raab of Raab Associates, a stellar marketing firm working the field of children’s books. We are trying to get her to come to the Netherlands and enlighten us here, too.
Saturday will be a busy day with lectures from Sarah Davies of the Greenhouse Lit Agency. She’ll talk about thrillers and most of you know that is my favorite genre. Next on my list is Ruben Pfeffer of the East West Agency. His topic for this conference: Ebooks and apps. The future, in short. I’ll conclude the day with Tara Weikum’s talk about YA fiction, another one of my favorites. Weikum is the executive editor of HarperCollins and she’ll know good stuff about that.
Can you spot my goal?
Exactly! I am in New York to make sure that You’re Not Icarus, my next YA thriller, will be the best ever! Dorian, Venus and Pepto, I’ll make you proud.

In between Kirsten Carlson of the SCBWI Germany and I will try and find good speakers for the European Tri-Region conference we’re trying to pull off. Ambitious? Yes, maybe. But hey! Children’s and YA books writers and illustrators deserve nothing less!

I’ll keep you all posted.