Hiking the BC mountains

These days I am writing an average of 3,500 words a day revising my thriller DARK FIBER. It’s hard work, leaving me no time for a social life whatsoever.
Luckily that isn’t a problem at all, because my protagonist Jonathan Kelder doesn’t have a social life either, and part of my method of writing is that I like to experience what my protagonists’ go through. If they go out rafting, I go out rafting. If they hike cold and misty mountains in Canada, I hike the same cold and misty mountains.

Rafting Husum Falls - me going under

I love doing what my protagonists do.
And I think it works. One of the compliments I get from readers is that reading my books make them feel like they are actually joining my protagonists on their quests.

I like that!

So if my leading a hermit’s life will later on wrap my good guy’s solitude around my readers, turn their hearts into icy cold stones, if they can literally feel his desolation, his despair even, I have accomplished what I intended to do: write a good read.