Blue skies, but another storm already building up

Today’s a writing day. I can feel it in my bones, I can see it outside. It is the most perfect weather for a writer, here in Amsterdam. Like yesterday – when I did 5,000 words on the revision of my techno thriller Turing’s Deceit, a.k.a. Dark Fiber – autumn races past my window, pushing on every writing fiber in my body.

A stiff northern wind brings me sunshine and bright skies one minute, hail and thunderstorms the next. It is as if the Northern gods urge me to write faster and faster, as if they want me and my protagonist to hurry up, and get us to Ragnarök to fight that mythical war against the great serpent.

I am wondering whether my protagonist will be in time and if he will be courageous enough to slay that monstrous snake. Or will he, like Thor, only be able to take another nine steps before the venom of the villain kills him?
I am wondering if his world will darken, leaving him in a black and gruesome hole. If rain and hail, if thunderstorms will flood his world, sucking him under, never to surface again.

Or will he survive? Will he escape his fate and raise from the dark, thirsting after revenge?