King Dork

While on my way to California I had to prepare for a masterclass – Finding and Revising Your Protagonist’s Voice in YA Literature – I was to attend at a writers’ conference in Los Angeles. One of the assignments was reading King Dork, the very very witty debut of Frank Portman, a.k.a. Dr. Frank of the Mr. T Experience. So I packed my bags, loaded King Dork on my e-book reader and started the long journey west.

The book turned out everything you need to brighten up the seemingly endless and boring flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco. Moreover, it turned out to be an excellent book to be reviewed for Booktunes, Erik de Loor’s new website that brings together books and music. I read the book, I wrote the review, I lined up the music and… I decided to be bold and ask Dr. Frank for an interview!

And Dr. Frank agreed!

Booktunes Frank Portman

You can find it all on the review, the interview and – most important – the playlist. It’s the longest playlist on Booktunes, so far, and it took me quite some time to draw it all up – mostly because I loved the music and wanted, no, needed to listen to every track before I could move on to the next.

It turned out great!

Now you can listen to the music while reading King Dork. Check out the site, download the playlist from iTunes, buy the book and enjoy!