Chat on an Amsterdam bridge

What to do when it is raining the proverbial cats and dogs?
In my writer’s residence that isn’t a very hard question. Rain is an almost daily constant in our ecosystem. It keeps our land flat and wet, just the way we like it. So, we continue life as if this dreariness and gloom doesn’t exist.

We dress up in various forms of water-repellants and water-resistants, and we go about our business as usual. We take out our finest umbrella’s and meet with our friends on the bridge for a chat, just like we would do on a sunny day, wearing our favorite miniskirts and halter-tops.

A stroll without your panama hat

Or we get out our cane and take our daily stroll, this time protecting our suit with a canal-green impermeable cape. The only nod to the rain is that you might exchange your panama trilby for a baseball cap.

To brighten up this rainy day here’s my favorite song by next best band PLeaSe!

PLeaSe! 2nd Day of June