Daily Distraction: Recharging at Half Moon Bay

It’s been a while since I let myself be distracted. There were deadlines and death in my life after I returned from the US. In short: life caught up with me.

Before I left for the Haunted Hospital in Virginia City to acquaint myself with the local ghosts and to hone my writing skills, I was in Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay is one of the settings in my techno thriller, more specifically The Mavericks, a surfer’s paradise and the place where my protagonist – a very very antagonistic protagonist – finds himself and recharges his batteries to play the end game of his scheme. Looking at this photo reminds me how I sat on the rocks looking out over the ocean, feeling the wind and the spray of the breakers in my face. Just like with my protagonist wind and sea is what recharges my batteries.

Tell me, what is your recipe to recharge? What is it that replenishes your energy?