Where to start with this distraction? A national newspaper called Delusion of the Fury virtuoso, fun, wildly imaginative and enchanting, a triumph of music theatre. I’d like to add: the ultimate shot in the arm.
Delusion of the Fury is a series of soundscapes brought to the audience by an outlandish collection of musical instruments, designed and built by a man who let his imagination run free. It blends a Japanese story of a murderer who confronts the ghost of his victim with an African comedy involving a goatherd and a deaf tramp.

During the performance of this extraordinary piece, the story of my next YA novel unfolded. Harry Partch, the composer, developed his own tonal system based on intonation, in which every octave consisted not of 12 equal intervals – as on a modern piano – but 43 small intervals of differing sizes. Partch’s unconventional use of microtones not only opened a doorway to my brain and ignited my imagination, it blew life and death into my story. I will start writing tomorrow.