BOREAS AND THE SEVEN SEAS Core Title for the Dutch National Children’s Book Week 2019


I had high hopes, of course, when the theme for the upcoming Dutch National Children’s Book Week (October 2 – 13, 2019) was announced: Travel Along! / Reis mee! And yes! Boreas en de zeven zeeën has been chosen core title. It’s an enormous honor and I am super super happy! I loved the journey of writing the Boreas books and I hope that lots and lots of kids will will join Boreas and travel along across the seven seas. 


Would you like to know what Boreas and the Seven Seas is about? Surf quickly to the website Leesbevordering in de klas for a review and for lesson plans (in Dutch!). You’ll find more lesson plans in Dutch on my Dutch website (lesbrieven).  


Boreas in the Press:


‘Mina Witteman wrote a thrilling story filled with rip-roaring action.’ – Baarnsche Courant

‘You are right there and can feel the wind in your hair.’ – Kidsweek

‘Mina Witteman wrote this book for all adventurers–whether they can sail or not. The perfect book for kids (and their parents) who sail around the world, but also for kids who stay at home.’ – Zeilen (Sailing Magazine)