Hurray! BOREAS EN DE VIER WINDSTREKEN (BOREAS AND THE FOUR WINDS) has been proofed and should be on its way to the printer now.

I am super excited about this third book in the Boreas series, which will come out mid April. Again, I’ve thrown Boreas in adventure after adventure on his trip around the world with his parents on their yacht the Argo. In BOREAS AND THE FOUR WINDS, the family sails from Miami up the East Coast of America all the way to New York, and back south again to Key West, Cuba, the Cayman Islands and Colombia. After passing through the Panama Canal they sail north to San Francisco for a short trip to the Sierra Nevada. The final destination of this third book is Hawaii. Will they arrive on Hawaii? I don’t know! Because… where did that hurricane come from?


The Boreas books are, of course, first and foremost super thrilling reads for all young adventurers out there, spiced with little fun facts. But I also slip a more serious theme in each book. The theme of the first book, BOREAS AND THE SEVEN SEAS, was taking decisions. The main theme of the second book, BOREAS AND THE THOUSAND ISLANDS, was leaving, and this time in BOREAS AND THE FOUR WINDS the theme is the nature and the environment.


Excited? Publication date is April 19 and I will share details about the book launch party in Amsterdam soon!