I love writing!

Particularly in a month like this, with the Spanish translation of Mia’s NestEl nido de Mia – coming out with Panamericana in Colombia. They delivered a truly gorgeous book with the awesome work of one of the most talented author/illustrators I know, Angela Peláez Vargas. And yesterday Boreas en de duizend eilanden – Boreas and the Thousand Islands – had its book birth, which made me super happy. Both books are on their way to San Francisco and I can’t wait to hold them in my hands, my book babies.


I hate writing, too!

On nights like this, when I wake up at 2:30 am with my brain reeling like a kite caught in a tailspin, because I remember something my muse must’ve whispered in my ear, something that clearly had to sink in first, but that now, in the dead of night, pushes up and makes me realize the damn muse was right again – because he’s always right! – and I see how the book I’m working on needs to end, I see the whole scene. I lie in bed, wide awake and contemplate what to do: go back to sleep and hope that I will remember this revelation in the morning, or get up and write…

But I know I can’t take my chances, so I get up and grab my notebook and fountain pen and write page after page after page. And when I’m done I’m so excited I still can’t sleep, because I have to tell you all and write this blogpost and let you all know that I love writing and that I love that elusive creature that calls himself my muse, even if he works his whip of creativity during the night.