Today’s writing was about morphing two apparently disparate ideas into one. The morphing process had me push the envelop big time and somehow in this process this elusive muse of mine planted two words in my brain that seemed completely unrelated to my project (night sky and farmland). It sparked a train of thought that had me arrive in the end at ‘skywalk’ and ‘pig’ (or maybe I just sigkilled the process there because I felt this could lead to bad things only).


And it did. I googled skywalk and pigs and whaddayaknow, an oldie popped up: Pigs in Space.


Did I manage to morph my two ideas into one?

Nope. I quit writing for the day and diddled around on the Internet. Thanks muse! That was really helpful.


My favorite line from the episode below? ‘Look Skywalker, go along with this or I cut you in half.’ I think my muse’d better shape up and stop messing around with me. Or I’ll cut him in half.