Sometimes all you need is the wind to blow your mind free and the sound of the surf to drown out your inner critic.


But sometimes you need trusted friends – a.k.a. critique partners – who are there when you need a sounding board and who will just let you ramble on about your project so your brain can recalibrate and your story becomes clear again. Friends who can relate to the woes and joys of being a writer and who will not judge you when you’re weepy or euphoric, who can shed some light on your musings when they turn dark or block out the sun when the light’s too bright. Trusted friends who can gently guide you and bring some perspective so you can open portals and let your character slip through to take the next steps.

Every writer needs critique partners. I have a few and they are absolute amazing people, who pull me through when the world seems too bleak and who stop me when I go overboard with joy.


If you’re a writer and you don’t have critique partners, go out and find some. You need them, those trusted friends.


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