A visual post, because day 33 seemed like the perfect day for a break.

No writing. Lots of thinking. And a re-energizing walk to clear my head after yesterday’s inspirational overload. I told my muse to sit back and relax and I set out for Kailua Beach.


What did I see? What did it spark?


A ghost crab (Ocypode ceratophthalma): like my skin ghost crabs are the color of sand and you can hardly spot them scurrying around. They also dart away at the tiniest disturbance and I was happy I spotted this one. Took a long wait and the skin on my shoulders is now the color of the setting sun.



Juvenile cone snail: we studied this one for a long time. Might be something else. Who knows.



Driftwood with goose-neck barnacles (Percebes): would this be a part of one of those mythical barnacle trees that one day will open to reveal baby geese?



Underwater sand waves: where water meets land or land meets water and all is different.



Drip castle: No beach complete without a sand castle like this drip castle that vaguely reminds me of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia.



A rope: I leave it to my muse to think of something more exciting to do with this rope than just use it as a swing.