Totally unrelated to the writing. Or maybe not so unrelated.


In 2013, Tesla’s Elon Musk released the Hyperloop (Alpha) white-paper. In order to accelerate the development of a functional prototype and to encourage innovation amongst students, his company SpaceX organized the Hyperloop competition.

A couple of students of Delft University of Technology decided to accept the challenge and formed the Delft Hyperloop Team to design the best Hyperloop pod possible. They invited other students to apply for a spot on the team and I was super proud when my son Olivier, who studies aerospace engineering at Delft University, was accepted and put in charge of the pod’s batteries.

Since, the team has worked crazy hard to design their pod and to realize their dream: winning the competition and changing the future of transportation.


Their design passed the first hurdle back in October and, with 120 other teams, they were invited to present their design at the Spacex Hyperloop Pod Competition Design Weekend and the Texas A&M University this past weekend.

This team, these incredibly smart and innovative students was awarded second prize, just after MIT. They will go on and and build their half-size pod and test it on Musk’s personal Hyperloop track in California this summer.


How does that relate to writing?

Be bold. Accept challenges. Push the envelop. Work crazy hard. Be creative.

Dare to dream!

And then live that dream. Like this team of amazing young people does.



Front row, fourth from the left, the curly-headed boy: my son Olivier