One more day and night to go before I travel on to my next destination.


These past weeks were intense with days of glorious, sometimes even demonic writing and days of calm and reflective composing. Days of solitude and days when my muse popped in to shake up my thinking. Days when I shamelessly called in my writer friends Jim, Donna and Scott to brainstorm about this wretched project of mine. Days that I plunged so deep into the dark that I was beyond grateful to be enveloped by the loving care of the Adelson family. Good weeks. Productive weeks. Weeks that taught me my writing soars when I’m alone.


The book ain’t half done and I have decided that I need to come back here to finish it. It’ll be a few months because I will have to tend to my other baby first – my editor will have the line edits of my Dutch middle grade adventure Boreas and The Thousand Islands on my desk when I return home. The book is scheduled to come out in April.

After the book’s launch I will again settle down in the Bay Area, I hope. I’m already looking for an affordable writer’s den (anyone?).


But for now I’ve marked my next waypoint: 21.3000° N, 157.8167° W. One more day of writing here before I’ll lower the ship’s screw and cast off for some Boreas 3 research.



My writer’s den? If only…