What’s on my mind Facebook wants to know. That’s an easy one: books are what’s on my mind and one in particular. Next month my Dutch middle grade adventure novel will hit the shelves. And this is what it will look like:

Witteman Boreas ed zeven zeeen alt vs 1

Action and adventure at sea!

The story?

12-year-old Boreas is convinced his parents are getting divorced. They’ve been acting weird, lately. Secretive. When they, at last, tell him what’s going on it’s not a divorce but something else and it will uproot Boreas’ life just as much: the family is going on a three-year, round-the-world trip on their sailing boat. Everything’s arranged, up till the final details like enrolling Boreas into a distance learning school.

At first, Boreas hates it. He misses his friends and his home, but soon he is plunged into adventure after adventure. Even more when his friend Merel joins them during summer break. At the end of that holiday, Boreas’s parents give him a choice: does he want to go back with Merel and live with his grandparents or does he want to stay?

Boreas and the Seven Seas is the first book of a three-book series filled with thrilling adventures like man overboard and climbing into the crow’s nest during a storm, but also with a young Sudanese refugee on a raft and a hair-raisingly thrilling tractor race. That makes the book suitable for all adventurers – whether they can sail or not!

Boreas en de zeven zeeën
ISBN 978 90 216 7438 4
Cover: Annemieke Groenhuijzen