My most recent project was a YA thriller, a scary story set in marijuana-ridden Amsterdam. I’ve worked on the manuscript with the ultimate Master of YA lit Ellen Hopkins through the SCBWI Nevada Mentor Program. Ellen’s critiques and suggestions made a world of difference and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with her. These past few weeks I have done a thorough –and ‘thorough’ stands for ‘an extremely painful, soul-searching, kill-your-darlings kinda’– line edit of the manuscript and sent it out. So now I’m working on my nails, BITING MY NAILS, that is.

Since biting nails, like all girly stuff, is not my favorite pastime, I write to keep my mind away from this agonizing waiting game. Four projects are on my desk, all in neat stacks, because I am what I am, a former architect school dropout and a diehard math girl. Here goes:

  1. A middle grade adventure series for my Dutch publisher Ploegsma about a young boy who is forced – yes, can you believe that? The nerve! – to sail around the world with his parents.
  2. The English rewrite of an adult psychological thriller with a very creepy techno twist. The thriller set in the heart of the Internet where techies rule our worlds.
  3. A brand new and exciting but very edgy young adult thriller. Can’t tell you much about it yet, except that it will be scare as hell.
  4. As always, I have a few picture book manuscripts lined up, too.