Daily Distraction: True Colors

A typical Amsterdam view: a canal, 17th century clock gables, people wandering, walking, running, or colliding into bikes. But there is something odd going on in this picture. No one seems to notice the blazing fire at the end, an inferno that is about to burn the city to the ground. The great fire of 1421 revisited.

It took me a split second before I realized that it wasn’t a fire, but the sun showing its true colors: the colors of scorching hot plasma, 150,000,000 km away from the earth and yet so close. It immediately sparked an idea for a new novel. I love it when that happens. Just as I love to plot a new story. I love dreaming up alternate worlds, where I can take refuge from the real one, even if it’s only for a while. It’s the most exciting and at the same time the most comforting phase of story writing. It’s free will to the highest degree. Anything is possible. It’s up to me. I decide.

Next novel: True Colors and Free Will. Sounds good.