© Ben Faubion - Pirate vs Bird

© Ben Faubion – Pirate vs Bird

This year, my dear writer buddy Stephen Bramucci is offering an audio-telling of his poem “Dread Pirate Christmas” for sale as a fundraiser for SEEDS Arts & Education (501c-3).

SEEDS Funds all sorts of cool programing for kids (including writing programs) and he and I want to support their efforts. If you’re so inclined, follow the link below, donate $5 to them via Paypal, and POOF! the MP3 of Dread Pirate Christmas will show up in your inbox (or someone else’s if you put that email under “special instructions”).

Happy Holidays from him and his motley crew of freebooters, sea devils, and scalawags!


(Art by the amazing Ben Faubion)