My good friend Richard Tulloch mused in his blog post of today over the tyrannical regime of blog hits. With that blog post, he touched a tender spot in my blogging system. Is blogging about numbers? Is it about the content of your post? Is it something else, something we can’t quite grasp?
This is what I commented on Richard’s blog post:

I remember one good friend – a famous Australian writer, not unknown to yourself, Richard – who told me at the onset of my blogging life, that the best way to start was to never check the stats. Of course, that heartfelt advice never actually landed in my brain and, being the math girl I am, I obsessively checked the stats, leaving me in total despair and completely blocked.
No one on the whole world wide web loved me!
Well, except for that famous Australian writer who was the first to leave me a comment.
Ever since, the numbers steadily increased, not to great height, but acceptable enough not to chuck me back into writer’s block hell every time I posted.
Hardest part of blogging for me? Not the numbers, no, but keeping up the frequency (or finding the right balance between writing, editing, teaching, blogging and living) and finding good topics (yup, seat-of-the-pants articles do score high).

How does blogging work for you? Do you feel you are being heard? Do you find what you want to read? Or is it just an entertaining way of passing time, like skiing or flying or enjoying the sun?


Skiing, flying and enjoying the sun!