One more day to go before the second Amsterdam Literary Death Match.
I’ve told you how it works: 4 writers, 3 judges, 2 rounds and 1 epic finale.

I know who I will vote for: Fantasy-fictionista Mina Witteman, author of The Soul Snatcher, The Weed Man and Dark Fiber.
That’s me!
Right, it is me!

Unveiling just a shred of my strategy to win (and those who know me know that I’m merciless if it comes to winning)… I will be reading from my new and burning YA thriller THE WEED MAN. Prepare for a scare, people! The smell of weed and the stink of burning flesh will linger for a long, long while in the great Old West.
The Booktunes Blog will play my anthem while I’m fighting: The Guns of Brixton.

Buy your tickets now and let me tell you about Dorian and Venus — Yes, Venus was her name and she’s got it!

LITERARY DEATH MATCH: December 1, Smart Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-113. It starts at 8:15pm. Sharp!

Want a warm-up? Check out this YouTube video, a compilation of Literary Death Matches from all over the world, starring the ever funny Todd Zuniga.