While I was sitting in my usual quiet corner at Odette’s, enjoying my truffle-cheesed omelette, minding my own business, these two lads came in. Black-rimmed glasses were their main theme today, not just on the nose, but embroidered on their matching grey jeans as well. They peered around and, even though there was plenty of space, they choose to sit in the middle of the room, just next to the goodies fridge and spot-on in my view. I had fled the house and the Poles and THE WEED MAN, but didn’t have any company. That turned out to be a smart move, as it gave me plenty opportunity to listen, to observe and to so not minding my own business anymore.

Both lads had taken their dog to join them. Whereas — let’s call him V for the moment –V’s dog, a mix between a Jack Russell and an unknown multi-coloured creature that might or might not have had four legs and a snout, seemed the tough boy here, R’s dog — yes, R would fit him nicely — was way more delicate. The auburn dachshund was dressed in a black leather jacket with a woolen ‘teddy’ lining, that generously and softly covered his sausage body.
V, once settled with the dog safely under his chair, ordered a glass of water and an omelette. Did I hear him whisper ‘O My Gucci, no! No mustard mayo on the bread, please!’ when told the exact ingredients of what he so decidedly ordered? I wasn’t sure.
R, sausage on his lap, ordered Odette’s prized lentil soup and one of her refreshing mint teas. Odette almost bowed and hurried herself downstairs to pass on the gentlemen’s wishes to the chef. She must have been glad she was dressed in sober but elegant black.
The boys waited patiently for their food, each minding his own crackberry – although at one point I suspected their silence to be nothing more than a conversation held from us, innocent bystanders, by those nifty black gadgets. They were quick with their fingers, typing away like true writers. In between his messages R gave his auburn beauty little pecks on the nose.
They finished their lunch to the last crumb and sip. It seemed V’s turn to pay. He got up and asked for the bill. Odette handled the cash register cool and collected, like the pro she is, seemingly unimpressed by their godlike status.
Or sparkled her eyes just a teeny weeny more than usual?
Anyway, she swiftly added up their bill, while V’s eyes were definitely sparkling more than before now. Waiting for the bill he spotted the carrot cakes on the top shelve of the goodie fridge. Already licking his lips, he asked his companion if he fancied some. A stern ‘no’ was his share. Somewhat bewildered he took the change from Odette and put on his black cap. He was about to put on his coat, when R gently pointed to his half full cup of tea. It took R another two or three minutes. And then, within seconds, they were gone, shielded from our prying eyes by the steamed-up window.

With all the excitement gone – I did manage to text my dear and by now definitely envy-ridden friend L – I got up as well and paid for my lunch. It was Odette’s first time, she told me. She had had her share of celebs, like Frank de Boer and Rem Koolhaas, but not V&R. Not until this glorious day.

You have no idea how exciting my block can be! 🙂