Where would you go if you needed a boost? Who can give you that final push to get you to the finish line? What works for you?

I am in the final stages of the DARK FIBER revision. It’s working out well for Jonathan Kelder and his antagonist Matt Turing, but for me it’s a long and hard journey towards the end and I definitely needed a boost.
Amsterdam, of course, provides plenty of boosting opportunities, but being a straight edger most of them are –out of choice, but still :)– beyond my reach. I have plenty of friends, the writing kind and the non-writing kind, that will gladly pull me through. Actually, I even have a whole NaNoWriMo group that cheers me on, these days. A tremendous boost as it is, if you consider the fact that they are running a writing marathon themselves!
Meeting Jennifer Donnelly in Manhattan was a cool boost, too. I know REVOLUTION is the toughest book she’s ever written, but the result is absolutely spirit-lifting!
Another boost comes from my agent. While writing I can feel his presence. He watches over me, he has faith in me and in my writing and above all he has faith in DARK FIBER.

But the ultimate boost came from these guys. They ran, or rather rolled, the New York Marathon. More than the professional runners, who make the marathon seem like a stroll in the park, they showed me what perseverance and resilience meant. Watching them and cheering them on gave me that final push. DARK FIBER is my marathon, but I will get to that finish line!

Perseverance at its best!