Every writer longs for it: that time that words seemingly effortless find their way from your head to your manuscript and your fingers become instruments creating works of art. It’s the time that sentences build themselves, that the plot moves forward at just the right pace: slow where it needs to ease the reader into your story, fast where it needs the reader to hold his breath and run along with the protagonist through hot and dry deserts and under ominously thundering skies.

A writer's residence under construction

Yes, every writer longs for the FLOW.

I long for that flow, too. Sometimes it’s music that gets me right there. A great song or an album on repeat – Levon Helm’s ‘Ophelia’, Eddie Vedder’s ‘Guaranteed’ or an album like Anouar Brahem’s Le Pas Du Chat Noir – are proven flow finders for me.
An absolute flow chase-off, however, is disturbance, disturbance of any kind and disturbance from builders in particular. That’s why I kept postponing an already long overdue renovation of my writer’s residence for ages and ages, until I couldn’t anymore and had to set out to find a contractor.

Flow Tools

I found the perfect one and it’s the name that gave it away: Flow Works.
Could it be a coincidence?
I didn’t think so and after some good talks I hired them. I took up my desk and my computer, crammed it in my living room upstairs and locked the doors. The builders started a mere two weeks ago. They work like dogs, coming in at 7.30 am, leaving at 7 pm, six days a week.
But, boy, are they flow finders!
Their continuous breaking and hammering and sawing oozes an energy I have never experienced before. They get me in a flow and they do it good! I write about 3,000 to 4,000 words a day. My new YA novel is moving on like crazy and it wouldn’t surprise me if I’d beat those hard-working boys to it and finish my novel before they finish the renovation of my writer’s residence (yeah, I like winning, too ;-)).

A novel under construction