From the Doors to the Dead

It was a swift and beautiful ride from the Dead to the Doors, or from San Francisco’s hippie streets to the deafening din of West Hollywood. I won’t bother you with too many pictures, you just have to experience Haight-Ashbury and Amoeba Music, Monterey Pop, the Beach Boys’ burgers and Truetone Music yourself. Go there! It’s worth it.

Mall Racer

Once in Los Angeles I got immediately tangled up in buzz of the SCBWI Conference, the annual summer conference of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. While I was trying to master the do’s and don’ts in writing, editing and publishing, the nearby mall had some good advice as well. Safety first, is what they must have thought and sometimes that can be quite a hilarious thing to think of. What about this sign on where not to put your child when you want to race the mall in your very own mall racer. It is printed right there, on the bag and you see it just as you want to put your child in and have a go: Do not put child in bag!
But where else would you put your child when you go racing?

Where to go

Thankfully the mall had more to offer. Directions on where to go if your mom did put you in the bag when you were a child, and if that didn’t turn out so well. They have thought of that in the Westfield mall and I can only hope that they saved you a spot at the top floor of the MGM building, because that is where they want you and your wheelchair to go according to this sign.
Or would it be the pearly gates they’re pointing at?