Last Tuesday Amsterdam got surprised by one of the first actions of the newly installed mayor. Where the acting mayor had promised the people to pay tribute to the Dutch soccer team with a mass celebration on Museumplein and – but only if they would win the World Cup! – a canal cruise, the new kid on the block decided to honor the Dutch team with a canal cruise anyway. Strike while the iron is hot, he must have thought, that new kid.
Of course he anticipated opposition to his plan, but he is a smart cookie, that new kid and he threw some orange dust in our eyes: it was not to honor the team, it was to spread the risks and the masses coming to our fine city.

The new kid made his point: in Amsterdam foul play and fair loss is a win.

Foul play and fair loss gets rewarded in Amsterdam

I hope Prelutsky will forgive me if I freely quote him: ‘That new kid’s really bad. I don’t care for him at all.’