Amsterdam's finest on the look-out

Yesterday, I took my writer’s residence out biking to Amsterdam-Noord, that part of Amsterdam that usually gets treated as if it is parted from the main city by an ocean rather than by that former bay that is now known as Amsterdam’s bustling waterfront. I was on my way to my friend Martin, trainer – advisor – actor, who promised to help me out finding a new presentation formula for my school visits.
I missed the ferry by seconds and had some time to kill waiting for the next one, when I spotted Amsterdam’s finest on the quay. My writer’s mind revved right up. What was Amsterdam’s finest doing on the waterfront? Were they on the look-out? On the look-out for what? Pickpockets? It seemed an unusual place for such a look-out. Drugs? There must be hundreds of better spots in the city for that.
I decided on dead bodies. It was no surprise that my mind wandered off to corpses that quickly. I am writing a Young Adult novel and got a dead body on my hands. Those cops at the waterfront showed me the way out. Dead bodies turn up in the Amsterdam waters with clock-like regularity. I am sure Amsterdam’s finest will not mind another corpse, even though it is just a fictitious one.