What would you do if you found yourself in Amsterdam on a beautiful summer’s day? You could go biking. Yes, by all means. Biking along the canals would be fun, navigate your way around herds of out-of-towners, run red lights on your way to the red lights, slalom the ‘Amsterdammertjes’ on the sidewalks to let those skillful but ever hasty taxi drivers pass by. Yes, you could go biking. Or you could go for a stroll in Vondelpark, find yourself a teeny-weeny spot in between what the dogs and the ducks left the park, stretch out and take a nap, let your thoughts trail away on thick clouds of weed smoke that drift through Vondelpark on a summer’s day like this.

Parked at Herengracht

But if the view from your writer’s residence tells you that someone just parked his kayak right by your bike, you know that you are not supposed to go pedaling along the canals or go napping in the park. Boating is the word. So, you put on your cap, hop on your boat and set sail. You sit back and enjoy the view.

The Seven Bridges

Boating is, no doubt, the most awesome way to explore Amsterdam. Out on the water you have all the time in the world to admire the canals, the bridges, the boats and the houses. If you glide under the Seven Bridges of Reguliersgracht you may think yourself in another era.

'No Parking' sign

You have ample time to consider the sometimes rather peculiar ways of the citizens of Amsterdam. It is common knowledge that they are not always the most law-abiding people, but that they brush aside no-parking signs, no, that they mock no-parking signs…

Helpful steps

You don’t have to worry that, if you need to step ashore for a moment, you won’t be able to climb the quay. The people of Amsterdam are resourceful and they leave you all kinds of helpful things.


And you most certainly don’t have to worry about anything, because Superman watches over you at all times!