The Sun Spirit

You are excited about your first visit ever to Arizona, your mother’s native state. When you touch down in Phoenix and drive north in a cool 4×4, you find out that your mother is dumping you in a summer camp crowded by geeks and hysterical girls.
The only thing you can think of is to get out there, as quick as you can!
That is exactly what 12-year-old Tom Vermont does. He speeds ahead of the group during a kayak trip. Out of sight, he tumbles down a waterfall and washes ashore, unconscious. When a chopping sound revives him, he opens his eyes and is just in time to roll away from a falling tree. It is then and there that he meets Jay Searchlong, a young Navajo, sent out by the storyteller of his tribe to find his unknown father. The storyteller’s premonitions indicate that Tom should join Jay on his quest and despite their differences they set out together.

Are you expecting a successful trip and a happy ever after? Tough luck… There are forces out there assiduously trying to prevent Tom and Jay from ever finding Jay’s father, for finding him will forever change their mischievous world. And it is not just nature’s forces, but forces like the mysterious Billy C., who constantly tries to break up the boys fragile friendship. The boys fight bears and snakes, and have to brace themselves against the thunderstorms and flash floodings that so frequently ravage through the Dinetah.